Baihly Woodlands, Rochester, MN Homes for Sale

Baihly Woodlands, Rochester, MN Homes for Sale?

About Baihly Woodlands

Baihly Woodlands is a suburban neighborhood in the central part of Rochester, Minnesota within a short drive southwest of the downtown district of the city. Located along Salem Road SW, the neighborhood has a convenient access to the Apache Shopping Mall. Also, residents have easy access to restaurants, stores, public parks, and excellent schools in the city center. The masterfully designed subdivisions provide a lovely living environment surrounded by beautiful green spaces and mature trees. Residents can enjoy the family-friendly amenities offered within the community including a pet-friendly park with large open fields for outdoor activities and a small playground where your kids can play with their friends.


Properties for sale in Baihly Woodlands are fantastic single-family homes that come in a variety of exterior designs and comfortable four to six-bedroom layouts. Each residence comes with attached parking garage, a private driveway, and large home lot with impressive yard space. Inside each house is a full kitchen along with multiple baths, and two floors for spacious living areas perfect for large families looking for a new home. There is a good number of properties in Baihly Woodlands that are available for sale.

Notable Locations:

Apache Shopping Mall
Baihly Meadows Park
John Withers Sport Complex
Zumbro South Park

School Information:

Bamber Valley Elementary School
Friedell Middle School
Rochester Stem Academy

Homes for Sale in Baihly Woodlands

There are no publicly available listings at the moment. Contact us about available properties in this area.

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